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Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes: Beat The Promoters A Their Own Game & Profit | Learn to Trade Penny Stocks for a Living

You Can Earn Thousands In Penny Stocks If You Simply Learn The Game The Promoters Play...

It's Easy To Profit Once You Learn How They Do It - Guaranteed!

* Have you ever wondered why every time you buy a penny stock it seems to go against you immediately
*Do you feel as though the market is out to get you personally?
*Have you seen other traders online that make thousands of dollars in penny stocks, but you just seem to lose?
*Would you like to learn a trading method for extracting profits from the penny stock market on a consistent basis?

If You Answered Yes To These Questions, Read On...

Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes is a very detailed trading guide which explains the methods that I use to profit from specific, short term buying opportunities in the penny stock market. This method can potentially generate sizable profits several times per month or more if you are available to trade around the U.S. market hours. I am not going to lie to you like so-called trading guru's and tell you that you can make millions of dollars in a short period of time, because this is unrealistic and the fact of the matter is the liquidity in the penny stock market is too low for these type of profits. What I will say is that making $5000 - $10000 a month is definitely possible if you have $2500 to $50,000 of trading capital in your brokerage account ($25,000+ is highly recommended) and are willing to take calculated risks where the probability of success is in your favor. You can also make much more if you have a larger account ($100,000+) and are willing to dedicate more time to learning my method. No exageration, some wealthy traders make $5,000 -$50,000 per trade with this method. If this interests you feel free to read on because this is not a scam like most penny stock trading or penny stock investing guides online. I spent thousand's of hours fine tuning my trading method and 12 months writing my trading guide on how I trade full time for a living. I am certain it will be incredibly useful to those that take the time to learn it...

Explanation Of The Penny Stock Market

Statistics tell us that about 95% of people lose money when trying to time the market however in the penny stock market, 99% lose. This occurs because most people look at the penny stock market like the lottery or similar to a casino. They throw a few hundred dollars into some stock at $.03 per share that claims they have a cure for cancer and hope that the stock will rise to $100 per share. What they do not realize is that the stock market is a zero sum game where one person wins and one person loses. The 1% of people that consistently make money trade these type of stocks for a living and know what the profitable trading patterns are and how advanced technical analysis works, or they are using a maket making algorithm specifically designed to steal money from the uninformed. Of the 1% of profitable people, about .001% of the people just get luckly and make thousands of dollars by chance buying micro cap stocks. These people are like a person that goes to buy a scratch ticket and wins $50,000 and random payouts like this help to entice new suckers.

The Penny Stock Market Behind The Scenes

The penny stock market is one of the scummiest places to do business. Very few people seem to realize that a great majority of the companies listed on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board - OTCBB and the Pink sheet Exchanges, are out right frauds. I don't just mean very crappy, poorly run companies. Instead I am referring to straight out scams like in the Wolf Of Wall Street. Every penny stock has a great idea for a service or product and from their professionally designed website and detailed online profiles, they seem to be great companies. Unfortunately under the surface they are nothing more than a a shell company with just one employee claiming to operate out of some address that is actually an abandoned warehouse or a UPS store mail box. They have no revenues, no earnings, no products or services, no cash on their balance sheet and zero future prospect's. Miraculously these companies manage to increase their market value by hundreds of millions of dollars in a short period of time. My guide will explain how stock promoters do this and how you can profit from these specific stock promotions.

What is Covered in My Guide?

•Detailed explanation of the penny stock market - Who are the players?
• Modern technical analysis - Why is it so important in trading?
• Unique Chart Patterns - What important patterns will you need to learn?
• Trading psychology - How do you remain emotionally detached?
• Money management - Stop losses, profit targets, position sizing.
• How I research penny stocks - Websites, software and other tools.
• Explanation of my routine - Overview of my proprietary trading system.
• Listing of 1100 Stock Promoters - Includes the top stock promoters.

Why Share Such Valuable Information?

I realize the biggest hesitation that most people have about believing this sort of claim is that people say "If you have a profitable method to make money in the stock market then why would you sell this information?" The simple answer is that I told you that if you learn my method you can potentially make $5000 more a month without taking huge risks. Although this is good money that can compliment your monthly salary it will not be a replacement because it is an average monthly return. One month you could make $15,000 and the next you could make $2000. You don't really know when the high probability opportunities will arise or how many opportunities will present themselves each month and therefore it is unlikely that this course will allow you to quit your day job by next week, but maybe a few years down the road if you build up your account! This is the same case for me and therefore I am willing to share this information with a select few individuals because I like educating others. I am limiting the number of people that have this information mostly because the more people that start exploiting a profitable trading method the sooner that method will stop working and I can assure you, I do not have any interest in losing this edge that I have uncovered.

What Is Needed To Learn My Method?

You will need a brokerage account that allows you to buy penny stocks with a reasonable commission rate (recommendations will be provided). Online discount brokers are not great for this but some can be used. You will also need $2,500+ capital. You will need real time charting software that will alow you to see intraday and end of day stock charts as well as level 2 quotes including Pinksheet and OTCBB stocks. You will also need a basic understanding of technical analysis and a willingness to learn how penny stocks trade. This guide will help you to become skilled in technical analysis. Lastly you will need to be able to open .pdf, .docx, and .xlsx files and will need some other free software. Windows 7 and Mac OSX supported. This is not just an ebook but a group of files that will explain what you need to succeed! Note this guide is not about shorting penny stocks like Timothy Sykes does (but does include a small section) but my technical trading system can be extremely useful for short selling penny stocks and can potentially allow you to time the market better then Tim Sykes.

Is This A Scam?

No this is absolutely not. You are purchasing my trading course which will explain how I am able to earn consistent profits in the penny stock market. I have been trading since 2004 and have devised a profitable trading method. I am providing a detailed explanation of my proprietary trading system and a thorough overview of "modern" technical analysis, which very few if any books will provide you. (I have read 357 books on trading.) Whether you choose to spend the time to learn my method is up to you. I am confident that investing just $99.95 in my guide will be 100% worthwhile and you will be able to make this amount back on your first trade! Remember this is a unique trading guide and you are paying for proprietary information that cannot be found anywhere else! If you want regurgitated and useless trading methods, then feel free to buy a different penny stock investing or trading ebook for $9.99 or $19.95 but be warned you get what you pay for and 99.9% of this junk is a pure scam! Even if you don't have the capital to start trading right now, you can start educating yourself. There are many so-called trading guru's that are trying to steal your money with bogus claims and that is why I decided to write a guide detailing my legitimate stock trading method. Before I learned to trade I spent thousands of dollars paying penny stock alert services and bought various techncial trading systems and none of them were profitable. I finally realized you must come up with your own method if you want to earn consistent profits, so that is exactly what I did!

This Guide Is Only Available for a Limited Time!

The price of my 150 page guide is $99.95. No shipping is necessary. After paying you will receive an email with your download link immediately. You will receive 14 other important files that are all compressed into one zip file. I am so confident my guide will help you to become a self sufficient penny stock trader, that I am actually interested in having you send me a review after you read it. If you are not satisfied with my guide contact me within 60 days for a refund provided you have tested out my strategy thoroughly, but remember this guide is like nothing else you will find for sale online!

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